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Being Charged With a Crime is Stressful and Law Enforcement Can Be Intimidating. At the Coon Law Firm PLLC, Our Experienced Team Can Defend You and Protect Your Rights. We Will Fight Tirelessly for Your Best Outcome.

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Madison Criminal Defense Lawyer

Serving Clients Throughout the Jackson Metro Area

The Coon Law Firm, PLLC in Madison, MS offers skilled representation for people facing some of the most stressful situations of their lives. Our Madison attorneys provide personal attention to your case. We will listen to your concerns and can explain the legal process and our strategy to help get you the best results possible.

Since founding his firm in 2011, Attorney William Coon has tried numerous misdemeanor and felony jury trials. He has handled over 500 criminal cases in Mississippi and has the experience necessary to effectively represent you.

Here are several reasons to hire our Madison criminal defense lawyer:

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    He has handled criminal cases similar to yours

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    He can thoroughly assess your case, determine all your legal options, and help you obtain the best possible outcome in court

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    He can investigate the arrest, analyze the evidence and witnesses, and find any weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case or figure out if law enforcement officials violated your rights

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    He can negotiate a favorable plea bargain on your behalf

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    He can fight for you in the courtroom

Representation for a Broad Range of Criminal Charges

Attorney William Coon is experienced in all areas of criminal defense, including trials, plea negotiations, appeals, and post-conviction relief. This means he knows what to look for and where the holes may be in a prosecution’s case against you.

The Coon Law Firm, PLLC represents people charged with a variety of crimes, including:

Hire a Madison criminal defense attorney who will be on your side; call us at (601) 299-4464 or send us a confidential message. We are proud to serve clients throughout Mississippi and Louisiana.

The Coon Law Firm PLLC Difference

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    We are honest and fair and provide excellent representation.

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    We offer confidential consultations and fair rates no matter the charge.

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    Trial Experience

    We have successfully tried numerous misdemeanor and felony jury trials.

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    We walk you through the legal process and our strategy to get you the best results.

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    Our firm is licensed to practice law in Mississippi & Louisiana.

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    Client Focused

    When you hire us, you can expect transparent communication and personal attention to your case.

Cases We Cover

Representation for a Broad Range of Criminal Charges

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Personal Attention from a Skilled Trial Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, time is of the essence. There is critical advice that you should consider even at the preliminary stages of your case. At The Coon Law Firm, PLLC, we will diligently work toward achieving a favorable outcome for your case. If you need a criminal defense lawyer in the Jackson area or anywhere in the state of Mississippi or Louisiana, please give us a call to discuss your legal options.

The Coon Law Firm, located in Madison, MS, offers skilled representation when people face some of the most stressful situations in their lives. William Coon has experience helping clients in all areas of criminal law, including DUIs, misdemeanors, felony crimes, drug offenses, violent offenses, and many others.

Mr. Coon has extensive experience providing effective defense, having handled more than five hundred criminal cases. He will listen to your concerns, explain the legal process, and discuss the strategies available to help you get the best possible result.

Criminal charges can result in harsh punishments that impact the rest of your life, as well as the lives of your loved ones. Police and prosecutors can be intimidating and will stop at nothing to convict you. It is critical that you seek representation by a competent criminal defense lawyer who can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Our firm knows all too well the challenging position criminal defendants find themselves in. You need to have an attorney who will discuss your case fully, investigate all potential strategies, and prepare an effective defense. We will be here to help you navigate your way through every step of the process and work toward a favorable outcome.

Mr. Coon prides himself on not only having an exceptionally experienced legal team but also providing excellent client communication. We understand the value of maintaining good client relationships, trusting each other, and establishing open communication. He will seriously consider your input on cases and treat you with professionalism and respect.

By working closely together with Mr. Coon, you can achieve a successful resolution to your case. Once you retain our services, we will be fully committed to working with you until your case is closed.

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